Improve your website ranking on Google via these effective SEO strategies

Are you keen to boost your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines?

One of the things on the top of the list of goals of any business owner who has a website is usually, “I want to achieve Page One Google rankings for my website!” This is understandable, as Page One search engine rankings can bring much more traffic to your website, and then lead to more customer conversions and higher sales for your business!

Here at Cutting Edge Web Design we use white hat SEO (search engine optimisation) practises to build the best foundation possible for your website and to get it ranking on Google and other search engines. This is how we do it…

Our Cutting Edge SEO strategy includes:

1. Making sure that the information contained within your website is easy to find, through having a good structure and excellent inbuilt navigation.

2. Ensuring your written content is useful, relevant and unique.

3. Making sure that visitors have a good user experience on your website. Your site needs to look appealing, be easy to navigate around and contain great content that people want to stay on the site to read or watch.

Our goal is always to increase the rankings of your website for your relevant niche and industry keywords, so you get the highest amount of targeted buying traffic to your website.

The 2 main elements we prioritise when doing SEO on your website are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO is basically the search engine optimised text and images that are on your website and includes your keywords, keyphrases and content.


Keywords or keyphrases are what people are typing in to search engines like Google to find information.

Using the right keywords on your website is your key to success! If you get it right they will bring large numbers of your ideal paying customers to your site, and your site will feature at the top of the search engines.

Our SEO efforts begin with in-depth keyword research into your industry and niche. We spend the time finding the right keywords and the best buying keywords to use on your website. Then we go about carefully working these keywords in to all areas of your website to build a strong foundation.


Next, we include quality content on your website that is easy for visitors to access.

It is vital to create good quality content that’s of interest to your readers and that provides the answers they’re looking for.

Creating an engaging About Us page and Contact Us page is essential, as many visitors tend to spend long amounts of time on these two pages.

In addition, there also needs to be a variety of content types on your website, including written text, images and videos. These all need to be good quality, in-depth content.

Your website also needs to be easy to navigate, via clear menus, links and relevant eye-catching images. Your site’s layout should also be clean and straightforward.

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Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is search engine optimisation activites that take place outside of your website, on other websites.


The main off-page SEO we like to focus on are links. A link is a clickable reference to another webpage, such as “click here for more information”. When you click on that particular text it will take you to another webpage. Links can be internal (to or from another page on the same website), or they can be external (to or from a different website).

As part of our SEO strategy, we focus on building high quality, relevant, natural and diverse links within your own website and back to your website from other quality and trusted sources.

All of these things, including researching keywords, creating high quality content, and building links don’t happen overnight. Doing good SEO properly is a time commitment, as it takes time to do each separate activity well, and it also takes time for a newly built website to be recognised by search engines such as Google, and to start ranking. Although high quality SEO activities can be tedious and do require patience, once you start seeing results, those results can quickly gain momentum and continue growing faster than you anticipate.


Focussing on good quality on-page SEO is highly effective and creates a fantastic foundation for your website. Combine this with off-page SEO and building up some excellent, high quality links over time, and together they will have an amazing effect on your website’s search engine rankings. Done properly and gradually over time, on-page SEO and off-page SEO are truly a recipe for success!

If you would like to know more about Cutting Edge Web Design’s high quality SEO Services and how they can help you grow your business, you can read more here.

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Melissa is the Owner and Head of Operations at Cutting Edge Web Design. She began her digital marketing career by purchasing and selling online businesses. With a background in creating highly effective digital marketing strategies, she is an expert when it comes to designing and building high quality lead generating websites and results driven online solutions. On the weekends you can find her enjoying the beautiful local Gold Coast beaches and outdoor cafes around Currumbin, Broadbeach and Mudgeeraba with her 2 children.

Melissa Dyogi

Director, Cutting Edge Web Design

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