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A professional website redesign could transform your Gold Coast business!

Do you already have a business website?

Is it performing at its best?

Is your current website looking a bit unloved or not performing the way you would like it to? The internet evolves so rapidly that your website can quickly become outdated. We can get your website back on track and help to increase your targeted business leads and paying customersA website redesign could in fact be the most affordable way to increase your business’ online productivity.

The online space moves quickly and it is vital to keep your website up to date and well maintained to keep up with current trends and changes in your marketplace. 

Freshen up your website, improve your business’ first impression, and bring in those customers who are eagerly waiting to find your business and all that it provides!

Need to bring your old website back to life?

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Benefits of a Website Revamp

There are many reasons why your website might benefit from a redesign. Some of these include:

Boost Traffic to Your Website

Has traffic to your website dropped and new leads tapered off?

Let’s work on boosting visitors to your site!

Make Your Website Look Modern and Eye-catching

Was your website built a long time ago and it looks dated?

Let’s give it a modern, attractive makeover, so customers will enjoy their visit and have a good look around your site again!


Improve Website Security

Are you experiencing problems with spam or security issues?

Let’s have a look at the back end of your site and see what needs fixing!

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Is your website incompatible with mobile phone and tablet browsing? 

Let’s give it a mobile responsive web design and instantly get more eyes on your website!

Business Rebranding

Have you recently rebranded your business?

Let’s refresh your website to bring it in line with your new brand identity!

Improve User Experience and Website Navigation

Does your current website look messy or cluttered, or is it difficult to find your way around the site?

Let’s fix up your website’s navigation and make it smooth and seamless for visitors to find their way around!

Is your business website performing the way you want it to?

You may need a website renovation!

Website Redesign Vs Website Rebuild

The age of your website, the platform it is built on, and the quality of previous work generally determines whether a website redesign or a complete rebuild would be best.

If your existing website’s foundation is good and previous work has all been above board, we generally prefer to do a redesign. This is because as a website and its domain name and individual page URLs age, settle in to the search engines and develop backlinks, the site gains more trust and authority with large search engines such as Google. This means that when going head to head with newer websites, an older site will generally rank more highly for a keyword because of this trust and authority factor. 

However, if previous work done on the site has not been clean or high quality, sometimes it is better to just start over and build an entirely new site.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about your existing site. We are happy to take a look at it and let you know on a case by case basis whether we would recommend a website redesign or a website rebuild.

Is your current website underperforming and not bringing you new customers each month?

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Website Redesign Features

There are a number of important elements we like to focus on when undertaking a web redesign.

Improving these elements are vital in order to keep your audience happy and engaged, and it will also help to impress search engines such as Google when it comes to ranking your site. Updating and improving a combination of these features can actually make a huge difference to your business’ bottom line.



Properly implementing search engine optimisation techniques.

Brand Identity

Ensuring that your website clearly represents your business’ brand identity and core message.

Calls To Action

Creating clear calls to action where your website visitors can easily see and click on them.

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring that your website has a responsive web design, and can be viewed clearly and correctly on all mobile devices, as well as on laptops and desktop computers.

Website Design and Layout

Revamping your overall website design to ensure that the layout, text and images are clear, fresh, and look amazing; the website design as a whole flows well and is cohesive; and also that the design is functional, effective, and will bring you awesome results, especially in lead generation.

User Experience and Navigation

Making sure your entire site has an excellent user experience. And creating clear navigation throughout your website, to ensure your customers can smoothly move their way around, without becoming frustrated and leaving your site because they can’t find the information they’re looking for.

Give your website a modern revamp!

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Website Redesign Quote

Generally a website redesign does require a lot of background work, research and planning, as we need to spend time understanding exactly how the previous web developer has coded and built out your site. Therefore, we quote a website redesign case by case, depending on the individual website.

We can take care of anything from minor website updates to major overhauls. It all begins with a FREE Website Strategy Consultation. Contact us to book in your no obligation FREE consultation today.

Our in-depth website analysis process, and functional, effective custom web design will ensure your website makeover generates more leads and profits for you and your business.

Website Redesign Mudgeeraba Qld

Cutting Edge Web Design is your local web development company, based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. 

We specialise in professional website development for small to medium sized businesses in suburbs such as Helensvale, Southport and Currumbin.

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