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Our comprehensive and expert website SEO services are sure to boost your search engine rankings!

Would you like your website to come up on the first page of Google and beat your competitors? We can help you achieve that! But first, what’s SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is also known as SEO optimisation, SEO search and Google search engine optimisation.

In a nutshell, it is the process of making sure your website and each of its pages are easy for the search engines to find, read and understand.

Search engines are online platforms such as Google, Yahoo and Bing that people use to look up information on the internet. Google is the largest and most trusted search engine available. The aim of these search engines, is to bring up the best results possible for their users when they type something in to look it up.

Google and other search engines want to give people a great user experience, and they want their users to be able to quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for from high quality, trusted websites that are authorities in their particular niche.

By doing good quality SEO on websites, we are helping search engines such as Google give their users the best experience possible and serve up the most relevant information available.

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SEO Basics

Having a good quality, search engine optimised website is like having a top performing Marketing Manager – your website goes ahead and does your marketing for you!

If your website is search engine optimised properly, you can rely on it to do the talking for you, and most importantly, to drive profits up for your business.

For any professionally developed website, search engine optimisation can take the site, and the leads and conversions it provides, to the next level!

Why is SEO important?

There are many reasons why SEO is important.

A website that has been expertly search engine optimised can bring your business all of these amazing benefits:

Higher Search Engine Rankings

The better your SEO, the higher your website and its web pages will rank in the search engines, including Google.


More Website Traffic

The higher your website and its web pages rank in the search engines, the more people will find you and click through to visit your website.

A higher flow of targeted traffic to your website means more ideal customers knowing about your business.

More Qualified Leads and Sales For Your Business

More visitors to your website means more leads for your business, which in turn means more sales for you.

This also produces better conversion rates because your audience is drawn to and can relate to certain keywords and language used throughout your site.

More About SEO Benefits 

SEO is extremely important because, although it works in the background of your website and you don’t necessarily notice that it’s there, it is actually a huge part of what determines where your website ranks. The search engine ranking or Google ranking of your website can directly effect the profitability, longevity and saleability of your business.

If you’re seriously aiming to reach that highly coveted Number 1 spot or to be one of the Top 10 websites that feature in the organic listings on the front page of Google, you had better have a high quality and well search engine optimised website! In the extremely competitive and fast moving online space, SEO has the power to get your website seen by your ideal customers!

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The outcome of good, ongoing SEO is that your site will, over time, naturally begin to appear in the organic search engine results listings. These listings are different to the listed Ads, in that a payment has not been made to Google to secure those organic positions. This has simply been achieved by implementing excellent SEO techniques. 

Interestingly, people tend to trust the organic search results more, and they are more likely to click on them rather than the paid Ad results, so we would definitely recommend aiming for your website to appear in those organic listings. This is a huge win for you and your business, because it saves you money and it also brings in qualified leads and awesome results.

In order to get search engines to like your website and to rank it well, we need to constantly tweak and improve elements contained on your website such as content, images and website speed, and also work on elements outside of your website such as citations and backlinks. Good SEO takes consistent work to get the best results possible and to help your website rank more highly on search engines such as Google.

Consider this… Each time you type something into Google to look it up, only one website is awarded the Number 1 spot on the first page of the search results that are presented to you! And, only 10 websites reach it onto the first page! If your website is not the best it can be, it is not likely to reach Number 1 in the search results, and it probably won’t even rank in the Top 10 or appear on the first page of Google results!

This is hugely valuable online real estate for you and your business! Getting a spot on the front page of Google for your chosen keywords is like gold!

When looking through search results that come up, a lot of people don’t even look past the first page! So, if your website doesn’t appear on that first page, there is a high chance that your business is going unnoticed by your target customers.

We always aim to get your website into the Top 10 search results on that highly sought after first page of Google, and of course, we work towards getting your website to reach Number 1.

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Our Proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Process

Our first step is to get to know you, your business needs and your goals. We also find out about your perfect customer profile. Then we undertake in-depth keyword research in order to bring those perfect customers to your website and have them getting to know, understand and buy from your business.

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Although good SEO that is done properly takes time to develop and settle in to the search engine rankings, we don’t give up and will work hard to achieve the best results for you and your business. If done correctly and over time, even in a crowded internet marketplace, search engine optimisation (SEO) has the power to attract paying customers who are looking for what your business offers.

White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

There is an above board way and a dodgy way of doing SEO. The above board way is often referred to as white hat SEO, and the dodgy way is usually called black hat SEO. Doing SEO on your website the dodgy way can bring your website a quick boost in traffic, but it usually doesn’t bring qualified leads or customer conversions, and in the long term it could end up damaging your business’ reputation too. We only carry out white hat SEO to help your website work the most effectively, and to increase your business’ success.

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Your Local Gold Coast SEO Specialists

As your trusted, local SEO consultants, we specialise in business SEO – local SEO for small to medium business websites in and around the Gold Coast region. We help you to optimise your business website in order to improve its search engine rankings.

With our professional SEO services, our goal is always to get your website featured in the Top 10 organic listings on all major search engines so that your ideal customers can find you.

It can be a lengthy process reaching the top of page 1 search results in Google and even getting your website on the first page of organic search results, especially if your competition is strong. Results and the time taken to achieve this also varies depending on the industry and niche your business is in, the age of your website and the competition you’re up against.

This process is ongoing and requires a range of things such as: website updates; new content regularly being added to your site; keeping track of keywords and adjusting as needed; adding backlinks, and more; not to mention time and knowledge.

All of the websites we create here at Cutting Edge Web Design are fully search engine optimised when we first build them, but to increase their performance we strongly recommend leveraging off our skills and knowledge and taking advantage of our ongoing monthly SEO services.

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Our Professional Monthly Website SEO Services

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) packages are catered for businesses who have just had a new website built and who would like to see their site move higher in the search engine rankings.

In addition, our services can also benefit businesses who have an older website that needs some attention because its rankings have dropped over time or it just isn’t bringing in enough new leads anymore.

Whether you’re looking at building a new website or having us work on your existing one, high quality expert SEO that is tailored to your individual business can really give you the edge you want above your competitors!

Included Features in Our Monthly SEO Packages

We perform our ongoing website SEO services on a monthly basis. Each month we will look at data collected about your website to check how it is performing, and then undertake a range of different actions to ensure that it continues to move higher in the Google search results and those of other search engines.

We will post high quality new and relevant content and perform on-page and off-page SEO tasks for you each month. We will also continue to assess your website’s performance and tweak keywords and content based on results.

This service is highly recommended, as it really helps to keep your website moving up the search engine rankings and get it firmly cemented in to Google and other search engines.

Our monthly website SEO services are a must if you’re serious about getting more customers, growing your business and getting your website on to the front page of Google! We offer a no obligation, free SEO check of your website, so go ahead and book yours in today.

Below is an outline of the SEO work we will do on your website each month. We aim to provide as much value in our monthly SEO packages as we possibly can.

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Our monthly SEO services have transformed Gold Coast businesses and they can do the same for yours!

Our Monthly SEO Services are Value Packed and Include:


FREE Website SEO Check

As our first complimentary service to you, we do a complete SEO audit of your website.

This gives us a clear understanding of the current state of your site and its rankings, so we can map out the best plan of attack and SEO strategy for you moving forward.

In-Depth Keyword Research

We go the extra mile to find out exactly what your potential customers are typing in to Google and other search engines when looking for the products and / or services you provide. We then aim for high search engine rankings for your business’ relevant keywords.

We also undertake extensive research in to your business, your industry and your niche, including your competition and target market.

Reach More People, Get More Qualified Leads and Increase Your Conversion Rates

When we build you a business website or undertake ongoing SEO work on your site, we focus on attracting qualified customers who are specifically looking for what your business offers.

We analyse which is your target market and then work on attracting and speaking to those people who are likely to come to your website and then convert.

Website SEO Clean-Up

We remove any poor quality content on your website that is having a negative impact on your SEO.

We then replace it with high quality, properly search engine optimised content, which will help to increase your website’s rankings and traffic.


On-Page SEO Growth

This includes doing ongoing detailed keyword research, adding relevant and high quality search engine optimised content, and building solid internal links.

High Quality New Content

We will regularly upload new, high quality, personalised, relevant, engaging, carefully search engine optimised content to your website as needed, so it’s one less task you have to think about. This includes things such as information about a new service that you provide, new images, and new written articles for your blog area.


Article Writing Services

We also offer high quality copywriting services.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our search engine optimised article and content writing services, which are tailor made to bring more people to your website and help you better engage with them in a way that they can easily relate to and connect with.

Off Page SEO Expansion Through Local Citation Listings and SEO Links

We populate the internet with details about your business by creating professional local citations, listings and good quality backlinks on various trusted sources around the web that create a lasting and positive impression of your business.

If you already have a number of local business listings on various sources, we can also assess these and tidy them up if necessary to further improve your own website’s SEO.

Customer Reviews

We will work with you to set up an effective system that allows you to receive customer reviews quickly and easily. These reviews will be uploaded to Google and Facebook under your business profile, to show potential customers the excellent service you provide.

Many people make buying decisions based on the honest reviews they read from other people, so we highly recommend gathering as many customer reviews and testimonials as you can.

Only Safe, Legitimate, White Hat SEO

We don’t believe in doing sneaky work or using black hat methods such as overpopulating your website with irrelevant keywords or paying for loads of random backlinks.

Actions such as these can be detrimental to your search engine rankings and potentially the reputation of your business.

We only use trusted and safe SEO best practices to keep your website secure and continually moving up the search rankings.


In-Depth Monthly SEO Reports on Your Website's Progress

In order to measure your website’s ongoing progress, performance and SEO results, we constantly track details such as keyword search engine rankings, website traffic, which pages of your website are most popular with your audience, and how visitors are interacting with your site. 

We will collate and prepare all the data collected about your website as a monthly Performance Review, together with an outline of our completed works, in a detailed yet easy to understand SEO Report that we will send to you each month.


Regular Website Maintenance Including Security Updates and Backups

Included in our monthly SEO packages are regular website security updates and website backups. These are vitally important to ensure that your website doesn’t get hacked, and that you have a backup of your important website asset that can be easily retrieved and quickly brought back online.

Although good quality, organic SEO does take time, this type of SEO can be the most cost effective way of undertaking website promotion, as it naturally helps to move your website up the search engine rankings and get more traffic to your site.

We look forward to getting to know you and your unique business, and to preparing a custom SEO strategy for you, designed to help further improve the performance of your website and generate you more leads!

We are your trustworthy, local SEO company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

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SEO Strategy

Do you already own a business website? Is your current SEO strategy working well for you?

Each business and its customers are unique. We will take the time to assess what is the best SEO approach to take for you and your individual business.

Let’s discuss your SEO marketing (search engine marketing) and SEO advertising strategy, and what we can do to really boost your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. We use a range of SEO tools (search engine optimisation tools) and know-how to achieve this. We will work on boosting your SEO ranking and really cementing your business website into the search engines.

An integral part of the success of our SEO strategy, and an important step that many other website designers miss, is keyword optimisation. We spend time in the beginning researching the best industry and niche keywords to use throughout your website, and then we take the time to carefully position these SEO keywords in highly visible areas, as well as within the foundation of your website.

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SEO Cost

We are proud to offer affordable SEO services for your business that are highly effective and get great results.

Contact us today for your no obligation, FREE SEO Check and quotation. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to explain our SEO pricing options.

SEO Check

If you already have a business website, contact us today for your no obligation, free SEO Check.

We will conduct an SEO Test on your current website to see how it is really performing, and how we can go about helping you to improve your Google rankings and bring more traffic and paying customers to your website.

Let’s see how your current website’s SEO is really going and how we can help you get even better results!

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Cutting Edge Web Design is your local search engine optimisation company, based on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

We service suburbs including Robina, Varsity Lakes, Nerang, Southport, Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach and Currumbin.

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