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We specialise in custom WordPress website design and development for small to medium businesses throughout the Gold Coast region, including Helensvale, Southport and Coolangatta.

Are you a busy business owner wondering how to design a website for your business? We can help!

Are you wondering how to create a website for your local business? If you’re keen to get some quality, friendly help with how to make a website, you have come to the right place!

Creating an amazing website from scratch that actually works the way you want it to and delivers excellent results for you and your business can be a rather daunting, complicated and time consuming process. That’s where Cutting Edge Web Design comes in! We can take the stress and hassle out of your website build, by creating a beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind website for you, so you can spend your valuable time and energy on other areas of your business.

If you’re looking for some website design help you have come to the right place!

Look no further than Cutting Edge Web Design – proudly supporting local Gold Coast businesses to reach their online goals by creating beautiful, functional and effective websites for them to own and love!

The Cutting Edge Difference

The quality of websites out there and the cost of website builds varies greatly. There are some incredible, beautifully designed, high performing sites; but there are also many poorly designed, outdated ones that don’t rank well and unfortunately don’t bring in any leads or conversions for their owners. You could get a website quickly slapped up for your business for $500, but what are you really getting? Probably not the results you’re hoping for…

Here at Cutting Edge Web Design, we really care about you, your unique business and the vision you have for your website. That’s why we only create personalised, custom designed websites for each individual business we work with. Don’t settle for less.

Every website we build is a one-of-a-kind, uniquely and carefully handcrafted, tailored to suit the needs of each one of our valued and individual business clients and the expectations of their target audience. We are proud to provide bespoke web design services, and we are excited to work closely with each one of our clients to design a website that best represents their unique business brand and identity.

Here are just a few very important elements we focus on with every website we build:

Solid Website Foundation

We pride ourselves on not only good web design, but also on creating a solid foundation for your website to be built upon. This means ensuring that everything is working smoohtly in the background and your site is populated with a wide range of popular and high quality keywords.

Web Page Development

We work carefully on every step of your web page development, making sure that each page of your website not only looks amazing on its own, but also ties in with the overall theme and design of your entire website, and features a good design flow that is easy for visitors to navigate around.


Website Layout

Website layout is also very important. We always make sure that each of our website page designs has a clear, uncluttered layout and is smooth, easy and enjoyable for your visitors to find their way around. Focussing on user experience ensures we create the best web page design every time.

Professional Website Design

We always implement good web design practises, which includes such things as: clear headings and titles which feature your core messages; placing your calls to action front and centre where they are easily visible to your potential customers; ensuring visitors to your website can easily contact you via the site; and using high quality engaging images to attract your visitors and keep them on your website.

All of our websites also feature clear, uncluttered, simple website designs, so that the message you want to send to your potential customers remains front and centre, and all of the important information contained throughout your website can be easily found by visitors.

SEO Website Design

One of the traits that sets Cutting Edge Web Design apart from other web designers, is our focus on SEO web design. This means that we not only create websites that look incredible; we also spend time making sure they have a solid foundation and function well on the back end.

We spend time researching exactly what your target market is typing into Google and other search engines to find businesses such as yours, and then we meticulously optimise your website with these highly searched keywords. This gives your site the best chance of reaching Page 1 of Google for your industry and target keywords, and helps you easily be found by your ideal customers.

Website Homepage Design

The design of your homepage is vitally important. It is like the central hub of your entire website. It often creates the first impression for your business and so it needs to not only look amazing, but it should also be easy to navigate around, clearly and smoothly guiding visitors to other areas of your website.

At Cutting Edge Web Design, we spend a lot of time and effort getting your homepage just right, so it will make a fantastic first impression on your visitors, and will encourage them to effortlessly click through to other pages of your website, without having to spend too much time hunting around for what they’re looking for.

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Website Design Inclusions

All of our web design packages include the following below. This gives you even less to worry about in the web design process. We want to make it as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. 


Domain Registration

Each one of our website design packages include domain registration, so you don’t have to worry about registering the name of your website (your website address e.g. with a domain registrar.

Website Hosting

We take care of your website hosting. We set up and host your site on a secure, cloud based server.

Responsive Web Design

Every website we build will incorporate a responsive web design, which means it will be clearly visible to and function properly for those visiting your website on mobiles and tablets, as well as computers.

Interactive Website Design

Each of our websites is also enhanced by interactive website design, so your visitors are fully engaged as they move throughout your site.

We use well thought out and clearly presented written content, as well as easy to find buttons, links and contact forms to achieve this.


Online Copywriting and Content Creation

We can also help you with writing and editing quality content to include on your website.

Excellent written content has the power to connect with your audience in a way they can understand and relate to. Ideally it should answer their questions, solve their problems and provide expert advice.


Website Security and Performance Tracking

We always include features such as spam protection and backups to keep your website data secure.

We also include in‑depth analytics and reports to track the performance of your website for at least 2 months after it is built.

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The Importance of Good Web Design and Professional Website Development

Computers and the internet have certainly changed the way in which we live – from the way we learn about current news events and keep in touch with friends and family, to the way we search for local businesses. More and more people than ever before now have access to the internet 24/7 via their mobile devices and computers and they utilise these tools to look up anything and everything that comes to mind! It has now reached the stage where if your business does not have a strong online presence, it may not be noticed at all!

Utilising the internet as a marketing tool is incredibly important for even small local businesses, and if done correctly it can produce amazing results. A simple and extremely effective way to build your business brand online, reach your intended audience and bring in your ideal customers, is through a high quality website that won’t break the bank.

One of the greatest things about a website is that it is there for your customers to visit around the clock, 365 days a year, even while you are sleeping! Through a high quality, fully search engine optimised website, you can reach even more customers than you ever thought possible. This is exactly what Cutting Edge Web Design can help you achieve.

Cutting Edge Web Design will build you a stunning website that is personalised for your unique business, optimised in great detail for search engines, and that is smooth to maintain. That way you don’t have to stress about your website, and you can get back to focussing on other areas of your business.

Creating stylish, highly effective, custom web designs for small to medium sized businesses is our specialty.

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WordPress Website Design for Gold Coast Businesses

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a type of software used to build websites. It is used by approximately 34% of websites on the internet. It is the world’s most popular website platform.

Gold Coast Business Websites
Gold Coast Web Design

Why We Choose WordPress

We choose WordPress as our platform for website design because it is clean and it works extremely well for search engine optimisation. WordPress also allows us to have complete control over your website design and code. Additionally, it is a mature platform and has been updated many times over, each time implementing improvements for performance and security.

Its layout is also very user friendly, so if you decide to take care of and maintain your website by yourself instead of utilising our SEO Services or Ongoing Maintenance and Support Package, it will be easy for you to use.

The Importance of Mobile Responsive Web Design

More people than ever before are searching for information on their mobile devices, including information about local businesses. Most people carry around mobile phones in their pockets or handbags, and many people are glued to them almost 24/7. In fact, over 70% of web browsing occurs on mobile devices.

Think of how easy it is when you’re out and about to simply pick up your mobile phone and do a quick Google search to find the best local restaurant, cafe or bar. This is how the majority of people quickly and easily gather information these days, so it is essential that your website has a compatible mobile website design, in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Every one of Cutting Edge’s high quality websites are mobile responsive and therefore will also be easy to view on devices such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers. 

WordPress Website Builder Gold Coast

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